Friday, May 27, 2011

Violent Lips DIY Temporary Lip Tattoos

Violent Lips is a truly one-of-a-kind brand name which has created a brand new type of temporary lip tattoo. Instead of just applying lipstick and/or lip-gloss, this brand has introduced temporary lip tattoos. The line has sexy motifs, for example black & red fishnet stockings, rainbow and even a super-cool red cheetah pattern. Their official Internet site explains how simple it’s to use these new beauty products (check out the YouTube video below). Much like a standard temporary lip tattoo, you only need to ensure that your lips are all nice and clean and devoid of lipstick or any other product. A difference though in the application that you have to keep in mind is to ‘Always Shape, size and apply the lips with the mouth open to the AHH position.’ I like these temporary lip tattoos so much. They’re a truly a great way to stand out in the regular crowd of pink and red lipsticks.