Sunday, June 5, 2011

Guerlain Bee Rouge G Le Brilliant Lipstick

The Le Rouge G collection of lipsticks by Guerlain is one of my all time favorite. This amazing lipstick is super-radiant since it has (believe it or not) genuine finely milled rubies. A lot of gemstones as well as minerals show fluorescence. In other words, they glow under UV, i.e. ultraviolet light. And because sunlight contains ultraviolet light, the Le Rouge will appear more luminescent when compared to standard lipsticks. It isn’t known whether there’re enough rubies to glow under ultraviolet discotheque lights. On the other hand, the thought of sexy lips on the dance floor is unbelievably good! This ‘ruby’ comes in a beautifully designed case – the packing was actually designed by Laurence Baumer (he is a super-famous jeweler from France), and is based on the shape of an ingot. Looks like they’ve been thinking about this lipstick seriously. Its mechanism pops the lid in order to reveal a quite useful mirror.

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