Friday, July 1, 2011

Alexei Mikhailov iStick: A Lipstick-Like iPod

Calling all fashion conscious women! While designer Alexei Mikhailov’s iStick concept isn’t the very best mobile convergence product or iPod killer – the thing is that the screen is way too small for good checking out photos or watching films – it’s a visual replication of the iPhone/Touch space inside a super-cool and eye-catching gadget the size of a standard lipstick tube which is simply gorgeous. What’s more, there are big square icons and Coverflow. That way the user can easily navigate in the trendy Mac way. All 4 surfaces are touch-screens that open the door for some quite fun and one-of-a-kind interface design. And that’s not all; the user can browse iTunes with the built-in Wi-Fi.


  1. Wow. Never heard of it. So cool. I want it.

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